What were you doing 13 years ago?

30 10 2010

I recently discovered an old video that I filmed back in the days, nearly 13 years ago.  I was a sophomore in college at UW Eau Claire and basically living the dream without worry, other than homework.  College was full of great memories and I often wish it would have taken me longer to finish – im not sure what the rush was to get out and work.

To avoid the risk of losing the VHS tape footage, I decided to convert it into a higher tech format that would withstand the future.  In addition, I do not know anyone who has a VHS player any longer to actually watch it on.  The video below is nothing other than raw clips that I quickly merged together for easy watching.  Not a lot of time or thought was put behind the clips, so please forgive the imperfections.  I feel most people now days enjoy seeing blemishes and raw video.

The series of events were filmed in my college dorm room, at my friend Matt’s apartment, along with other  random clips in the Eau Claire area.  As I was watching the old footage, it was fun to hear what songs were playing in the back ground and what we were talking about.

The video clips were filmed on my grandparents 1984 video camera which naturally produced poor sound quality, not to mention the music we were listening to muffled our voices more often than not.  Therefore, I decided to cut the original audio and over dub it with a Phish song that we actually were listening to during the events surrounding the fish tank scene (fitting huh?).  The original footage was two hours long, but I cut it into a 6 minute reminder of what we looked like and acted like.  I hope others have film from back in the day, as its a lot of fun, although sometimes embarrassing to take a look back at the worry-free days of life.  Enjoy!

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